Hawkes Bay Birthday Cakes

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  Birthday Cakes Hawkes Bay  

(Ref: BC01)

Covered in milk chocolate with a butter cream border around the top with funky chocolate pieces in the corner. One of our most popular Birthday Cakes in Hawkes Bay.  More >>




  Birthday Cakes in Hawkes Bay  

(Ref: BC02)

This Birthday Cake is finished in white butter cream and chocolate shavings on the side. Decorated with a unique white border and two red roses, if you would like different coloured roses, please ask the Heavens Bakery team for the theme colour of your choice. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC03)

This Birthday cake is covered in dark chocolate, with a Modern butter cream border and finished with chocolate pieces. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC04)

This Birthday cake is covered in milk chocolate with a butter cream border then finished with cholocate pieces and lollies. Perfect for that sweet tooth. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC05)

No 21 Birthday Cake is covered in chocolate finished with funky chocolate pieces. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC06)

This funky Cake is covered in Dark Chocolate ganache,with rolled fondant decorations. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC07)

Covered in Dark Chocolate ganache, with funky chocolate and a cute bow, finished with chocolate boarders More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC09)

This Funky Cake is covered in white chocolate Ganache. Decorated with ready to roll fondant and finished with a boarder. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC10)

This Cake is perfect for a Birthday Gift. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC11)

Playboy Bunny !!. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC12)

For the Chocolate Lovers!!. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC14)

Fun and colourful. More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC18)

You can have any colour for this cake More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC19)

This 9" Playboy bunny cake with a blue and black ribbon More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC20)

This cute bow cake is perfect for a present  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC21)

Funky Zebra patten  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC22)

Angry Birds Cake  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC23)

Spongebob Square Pants Cake  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC24)

This is a cake for a birthday gift  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC25)

This is a Pac man cake for a birthday gift  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC26)

This is a Birthday cake for a birthday gift  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC29)

The Farm Yard Cake. A great Hawke's Bay birthday cake.  More >>




  Birthday Cakes  

(Ref: BC30)

The Owl cake . A great birthday cake.  More >>