Baking up slices of Heaven proves successful recipe

This item by Joe Dawson appeared in Hawke's Bay Today on 31st January, 2009.


Heavens Bakery, a Hawke's Bay institution, could soon outgrow its regional confines.

With a second franchise store opening in Onekawa on Monday - which takes the total number of stores in the Bay to six - managing director Jason Heaven is starting to look further afield in his plans to expand the business.

It's a long term plan but a goal he is determined to achieve.


"I have had interest from outside the Bay, but I'm saying 'Not at this stage'," he said.

"We definitely have plans for expansion in Hawke's Bay and, if that is successful, to go nationwide.

"Ten Franchise stores in Hawke's Bay is the goal and has been for a few years but we have to make sure it's all right.

"it's about taking the formula and replicating it.

"It's not so much the product - most of that's made at the factory - but more the service so it's all the same throughout the franchises."

Heavens bakery and ABC Software

The company has also joined forces with another local business to help with its growth.

ABC Software, which specialises in custom software development, has fitted Heaven's Bakery out with a range of tools to streamline the business.

An online ordering system helps the factory produce just the right amount of baking.


"The system even tells the bakers how much dough they need to make for the number of scones ordered.

"This means less wastage and an assurance we have enough product for all our stores."


ABC Software managing director Sharon Chapman said it was refreshing to see a company identify the need for effective technology to make their business work.


"So many companies manage key aspects of their business on paper and spreadsheets and when they grow, hire more staff to manage more paper and spreadsheets, rather than investing in the right technology," she said.


Mr Heaven said the new software systems were the best thing since sliced bread.