The Mag Pie

Written by The Hawkeye

Ladies and Gentlemen......drum roll please.

Heaven's Bakery have come out with a Pie especially made for the Mighty Magpies.

The Mag Pie

Yep, a Pie full of top quality goodness...steak, bacon and cheese.

Hawkeye will be sampling a hell of a lot of these over the rugby season, and may even get a few in for the freezer as well.

Good on ya Heavens Bakery.

From HB Today:

It's the pie behind the Kelt Capital Magpies - the Mag-pie. Launched at the New Zealand Maori-Japan clash in Napier, it scored with fans.

"A few people asked if there were Magpies in it" said Jason Heaven, managing director of manufacturer Heaven's Bakery.

"Definitely not."

The only thing black and white about the pie is the bag it comes in.

A More FM radio campaign gauged public opinion on what a pie supporting Hawkes Bay's Air New Zealand Cup rugby team should have as ingredients.

Eventually it was decided that steak, bacon and cheese would delight punters' tastebuds.

"Awesome" was the response to the new brand to date, Mr Heaven, who is a sponsor of the team, said.

In time he hopes the Mag-pie will become an icon in rugby circles.

It will be sold at the six Napier Heaven's Bakery outlets, and at the Magpies' homes games.